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Tried it when it was just released, and I am a sort of wick for this fragrance. I was so disappointed with this perfume and that has never happened with a Chanel creation before.

It’s all vanilla and white florals - like expensive soap with a little OOMPH. I also sniff an underlying layer of amber, but not too much as this scent is not too “dirty” or “earthy”. Based on the enormous number of positive reviews and the mentions that this is a perfect vanilla fragrance, I was convinced this would be a perfect match. But I feel like I just cannot make this work: I am convinced that all these positive revuews are not based on a bodymilk-experience and just 'nice', there must be more to this perfume than I experience. L'Eau seems to work way better on my skin, so I sold Allure to someone who can do it more justice than me...

Allure is the fragrance I’d want to wear squeaky clean out of a shower, hair freshly blown out, skin scrubbed and lotioned up. Will keep it in my cupboard to be rediscovered after a while, hoping to be able to do the fume justice by then... Ok I have been on the hunt for a perfect oriental Vanilla fragrance and this is absolutely it! I get nothing but compliments when I wear this beauty!

THe vanilla makes it more creamy and cushiony but it's still a bright and energetic scent.

I see a woman who works in an office, maybe a doctor or a lawyer who knows nothing about perfumes wearing this.

A few years ago I went into an obsession about finding the perfect candy-peach scent and Allure EDP was one of the finalists that made it home with me besides Chloe Narcisse, D&G The One, V&R Bonbon etc.

Allure EDP is NOT a candy-peach smell at all but i must have liked it enough at that moment to just go ahead and buy it anyway.

I'll tell all of you, go re-check your ignored perfumes in different seasons and temperatures, some of them really smell better at different times of the year! Just like 212 vip for treasure fits my chemistry like 100%...

its very long wearing and the sillage is heavy...can surely turn heads around whenever you arrive if this is your choice.perfect for malaysia's climate...theres something about chanel line that i really evokes a scent that is unique and so memorable...9/10 I didn’t mean to buy it. I was at the department store today picking up a gift for my mother’s birthday when I remembered: I want to sample Allure. So I, a self-proclaimed perfume addict, decided the most logical and rational decision when in this situation is to just purchase a 100ml bottle.

Realizing I still have more than 25 unopen perfume bottles. I felt sick the first day I use it, not sure if I spray too much or what, seem heavy. You get the same balance of sexy & sophistication in Coco.

I the force myself to use it few more times coz I have 100 ml to go through ( now I won't buy 100 ml anymore ) Anyway, I now just spray it on back of my neck. I don't think men find it quite as nice as the comically exaggerated 90's Chanel Allure Commercial w/ the caged business men (you have to watch it if you haven't, it's hilarious and I actually think it's linked up above by the ad photos) but it does seem to have been made with men's preferences in mind. Not that they smell alike because they absolutely do not, just that they share that ability to be super sexy without sacrificing Class.

Unfortunately, it has been pretty neglected and I only remembered to put in on now because, well, you know, I'm having that weird urge to rub a slice of peach on my pulse points because it smells so good and that's a bit WEIRD even for a frag-head so...