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However, this tiny island nation consistently ranks among the happiest countries on earth, along with every other nation listed here, because of its low crime rates, high wages and happy, healthy populace.Employees in Iceland are automatically enrolled in trade unions, which are responsible for negotiating baseline salaries for the industries they represent.Others feel any minimum wage discourages businesses from hiring more employees, so the issue of how much employees are paid should be left to the free market to determine.

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We interviewed lawyers, police, correctional services, community leaders, program coordinators, youth workers and young offenders in the Alice Springs region, Darwin, Tennant Creek, Katherine and Groote Eylandt.In the WA, we commissioned a researcher, who held meetings with officials of the Department of Juvenile Justice, police, Aboriginal Legal Service, childrenÂ’s legal service, Juvenile Justice Teams and young Indigenous offenders at two juvenile detention centres.Swedish law limits the workweek to 40 hours, just like in the U. However, it also dictates that all workers are entitled to 25 paid vacation days and 16 additional public holidays each year, which is far more generous than the U. Once again, trade unions take care of ensuring that workers are paid a reasonable wage and seem to be doing a fine job of it, keeping the average minimum wage across industries at a healthy per hour.Iceland does not receive very much attention except for its breathtaking scenery.The decisive vote against a per hour base salary was touted as evidence the Swiss do not want or need government intervention, which might cause low-wage workers to lose jobs if employers are unable to pay more.

However, like all the countries listed in this article, Switzerland relies heavily on trade unions and employee organizations to negotiate fair wages for each industry, meaning 90% of the Swiss earn more than the proposed minimum anyway.These unions negotiate a fair baseline pay rate on behalf of the participating workers so the government does not have to do it.Since each industry may require vastly different things of its employees, it makes sense the minimum wage varies from business to business.Nearly all Swedish citizens belong to one of about 60 trade unions and 50 employers' organizations that negotiate wage rates for regular hourly work, salaries and overtime.The minimum wage tends to hover near 60-70% of the average wage in Sweden. Relations between workers and employers in Denmark have been deemed downright harmonious due to the lack of a federally mandated minimum wage.A recent Gallup poll showed nearly unanimous support for a plan put forward by the Icelandic Professional Trade Association to increase the negotiated minimum monthly wage to ISK 300,000, or roughly ,233, within the next three years.