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which leads me to believe that grandpa’s “anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.”Ah, “Baby Got Back,” references never get old.

Hoping to combat the scourge of social isolation among older adults, the Portage Senior Center has begun offering speed dating.

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Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to how much sex everyone is having, or really, how much more sex other generations are having (or had) compared to Millennials.When a recent study found that Baby Boomers have had more sexual partners than Millennials, it was like minds were blown the eff out of the water.In other words, your parents and grandparents are apparently on a sexual rampage.But because you will be old someday, too, here are six facts you may want to know about senior sex.Some projections say the over-60 population in Kalamazoo County will shoot up 80 percent by 2030.

Tammy, a Kalamazoo-area woman, has been searching for that special someone for a long time. I am divorced, and I have been on my own for about 18 years," she says.It's only been a few weeks since launching, but speed dating has already led to some older adults no longer having to spend their days alone."We got a call from a gentleman who was at the first speed dating event on (July) 17th, who said he has made a connection with a woman that night," Phillips says. Census, 14 percent of Kalamazoo County's 250,000-plus residents were over age 65 in 2015. The local Area on Aging expects this figure to grow significantly.Although the thought of it might make you cringe a wee bit right now, someday you’ll be a pile of adorable wrinkles looking to score, too.Although 37 percent of participants regard sex as being “very important” in a relationship, the bigger picture is that 93 percent think it’s “important.” Not only that, but 37 percent of those in their 70s and older, would jump ship if their relationship didn’t have sex in it. According to Elite Singles’ study, those in their 70s have a way higher need for sex than those between 18 and 30.Of the 2500 participants, a teeny, tiny four percent of women said they didn’t had the desire or energy to get back out there, while 23 percent of men said they just didn’t have it in them to do the whole dating thing.