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If the problem is still not resolved, and there is an ongoing pattern of intimidation, a worker may be able to claim that there is a hostile working environment, and seek legal compensation.For the many users that are new to Word Press every day, creating forms on your site can be intimidating.There are several other Word Press form plugins available on the market, but Gravity Forms is the tried and true solution for those who want top-notch support and expansive features.If you don't have a license for Gravity Forms but still want to follow along with our tutorial, the Gravity Forms demo contains your own personal Word Press installation with Gravity Forms pre-installed and activated. Once a new form is created, you'll be sent directly to the form builder.The first time the behavior happens, it's generally best to confront the bully and tell him or her that his or her actions offensive, and will be reported to human resources if they continue.

Workers should keep detailed records of any incidents that occur and try to find witnesses to help back up their claims.

They might erase important computer documents, spread false rumors about another worker, or steal essential supplies from a person's workplace.

When such acts of sabotage go unnoticed by management, the victim is often punished instead of the bully.

Even when no physical harm is administered, verbal abusers can cause significant emotional stress, and make an employee feel uncomfortable and scared to go to work.

Some office bullies sabotage the equipment or accomplishments of other workers.

Ongoing violent acts in the workplace are uncommon, but when this type of workplace intimidation occurs, the results can be devastating.