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Collecting four Broken Witch Hearts forms a completed Witch Heart, which will permanently increase Bayonetta's vitality.

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When combined with Eternal Testimony accessory, their effect will stack and recharge up to four orbs whenever it empties. mini-game for 40 points and lasts a single chapter.

It is said that whoever rings this bell will be blessed with unexpected wealth.

Releases a wave of high frequency spiritual energy that causes heavy damage to any nearby angels.

A wondrous demonic medicine that can save a witch from the depths of mortality, it is automatically used when Bayonetta's vitality is depleted and acts as a second chance. A magical stone made of rose heart-shaped crystals.

The normal lollipop restores four orbs, while the Mega version restores eight.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 3 Purple Magic Lollipops and 1 Mega Purple Magic Lollipop.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 3 Green Herb Lollipops and 1 Mega Green Herb Lollipop.

A butterfly-shaped candy lollipop that increases one's alertness, it restores magical power when used.

An herb-shaped candy lollipop containing an extract with healing properties.

It recovers Bayonetta's health when used, the Mega version recovers twice as much health.

Using this item will temporarily cause all angels and demons to glow while the bell is active, attacking enemies under the effect of this item will cause them to bleed out more halos/orbs than normal.