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“I have a yearning to be in nature – that’s how I feel I spent my childhood, and I’ve been looking back at that time a lot.

I have a small recording space set up near my house in East London; it’s this weird little broom cupboard.We’d have to wait for the death metal band next door to stop practising so that we could get a vocal take!“Any time now when I’m not working I want to be with my family,” he admits. I wrote ‘Einstein’s Idea’ as a lullaby – it that came from a new-found tenderness for my son, this little sprog.” The charming lyrics echo his words.“It’s hard being away – I get a funny feeling in my chest around now, when there’s another week to go before I see them. Throughout Been Listening's first eight tracks -- and excepting "The Water" -- Flynn aims big and succeeds.

Of Flynn's many talents, his most improved and perhaps strongest is his voice.Johnny loves playing with his band for ‘the company, and the full arrangements of each song’, but watching him sing them alone is a delight.Title song, ‘Country Mile’, is named for the term for an indefinite distance, and the album loosely follows the allegory of a journey.The song is big in ways that prior release A Larum merely hinted at; from the aforementioned trumpet to Flynn's confident voice to the backing vocals of Flynn's band, the Sussex Wit, the song is a stomper of an opener.Backing vocals reappear on follow up track, "Lost and Found", this time turning things more maudlin with the closing refrain, "Just a lonely radio / Just a makeshift show and tell / Playing out lives at the lost and found." After just two songs, Flynn already illustrates that he's just as good at doing poignant as he is at doing joyous.His words stopped me short then; still do, every year.