Invalidating cache at path restkit updating bios in gigabyte ga 970a d3

Do not URL-encode any other characters in the path, or Cloud Front will not invalidate the old version of the updated file.

invalidating cache at path restkit-61

You cannot copy an existing invalidation, update the invalidation paths, and then save the updated invalidation without running it.

Important If you copy an invalidation that is still in progress, update the list of invalidation paths, and then run the updated invalidation, Cloud Front will not stop or delete the invalidation that you copied.

If any invalidation paths appear in the original and in the copy, Cloud Front will try to invalidate the files twice, and both invalidations will count against your maximum number of free invalidations for the month.

If you've already reached the maximum number of free invalidations, you'll be charged for both invalidations of each file.

For more information about access logs, see Configuring and Using Access Logs.

Whether you invalidate files by using the Cloud Front console or the Cloud Front API, the requirements and limitations for specifying files are the same.For more information about query strings, see Caching Content Based on Query String Parameters.To determine which query strings are in use, you can enable Cloud Front logging.You can submit a specified number of invalidation paths each month for free.If you submit more than the allotted number of invalidation paths in a month, you pay a fee for each invalidation path that you submit.(If you configure Cloud Front to forward all headers to your origin, Cloud Front doesn't cache your files.) For more information, see Caching Content Based on Request Headers.