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Do not defend yourself when others criticize your opinion.

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You look important and confident with an entourage behind you, which also makes you come off as a dominant figure.

Your entourage can boast about your abilities and achievements to others.

Mentioned above is the general overview of what localization embodies.

However, the success of localization also depends on the cultural knowledge of the client and the experience and expertise of the localization service provider.

You can always command attention with a black belt. Send people to handle your business on your behalf.

Bear in mind you cannot scare anyone with baggy pants and tight shirts, so always wear many layers if you are small. You can also create an impression of the boss upstairs without allowing people to see your face.I want to provide solutions both at a personal and corporate level; turning your dreams into realities, REAL-TIME! I find meaning in relating with people who value relationships and are committed to what they do.Meeting foreign clients in their own turf is one of the objectives of companies going global and they are willing to invest heavily to make sure they capture and retain new consumers.Maintain a neutral expression to limit the emotions you show.Practice how to maintain such an expression in situations that call for you to smile, frown, or laugh.Localization means considering the way the target audience thinks, talks and acts.