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So when I showed up for a date with a girl I thought was a 24-year-old Chinese girl I got a 35’ish Filipino prostitute (Tried online dating!

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So far I have gotten 1 stalker, 2 gold diggers and 2 girls at 25 and 27 years of age, both acting like they where 13!!I have been tricked into joining a family celebration with the entire family all coming to meet me! (This is the one who is currently stalking me) One lied about her age and ethnicity.If a generalization is based on a sufficient amount of empirical data it's a good thing to do.Just remember however to leave yourself open to the unik character that are inherent to all people no matter how big your data pool is :)As for me generalizing HK girls I give you the same respons I gave to "Keepitonthehushside""...Plan a family holiday and select The Peninsula Bangkok for your summer holiday destination, where various choices of activities and guest experiences such as wellness activities for parents, Peninsula Academy programmes for children and cultural immersion for everyone are available and tailored to fit guests of all ages, thereby ensuring that everyone in your family will truly indulge in Peninsula moments.

While many of my friends have found boyfriends and even fiancés through dating giants such as Match.com, Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish, I’ve always found the concept extremely off putting and to put it plainly — desperate. A dating app that launched in the US back in September, Tinder has now taken the world by storm with its fun and light-hearted attitude towards online dating.Once you get over the awkwardness of swiping past your 16 year old cousin, it’s pretty easy to suss out the potentials from the rest. The first (who I actually shared a mutual friend with) was a disaster.Of course there were warning signs: a wannabe model profile picture and the fact that he asked to meet up as soon as we matched but throwing caution to the wind I decided to give it a shot anyway — big mistake.For example: I generalize people who carry guns as being people I should not provoke.And I generalize all asians in China as probably speaking mandarine.The concept is simple: you download the app onto your smartphone, sign in via your Facebook account (don’t worry, it won’t post anything to your profile) and it’ll locate potential people in your area that you either “like” (swipe right) or “dislike” (swipe left).