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His girlfriend, who had long blonde hair, was lying on a towel on her back, her cute little pussy, shaved with just a strip of hair left, on display.

He took a towel out of the bag he was carrying, laid it on the sand, and began undressing. As he got closer I saw that, while the bush of pubic hair above his circumcised cock was intact, his penis and balls were shaved bare like mine. In fact, I knew exactly what she was thinking about — something we’d talked about a lot, but had done yet.“Chris,” I said, “How would you like to watch us fuck? ”“There’s a bit of a secluded spot up the hill there.”“Well, yeah,” he said.

When he was naked, he sat on the towel with his back to us for a moment, then walked down to the water and had a short swim. ”He tore his eyes away from Hayley’s pussy and looked at me. “I’d…of course, that’d be great.”“Let’s go then.” I stood up, picked up my towel and shook the sand off it.

Hayley spread her legs wide and began to rub herself with her hand, and I could see how wet she was.

Sitting beside her, I kissed her on the mouth, then whispered in her ear that she should to turn over onto all fours. I put my hands on her buttocks and spread them apart.

Hayley stood with one foot on the raised side of the shower, and rubbed a bar of soap over her crotch. There was about a week’s growth of red stubble on it which I carefully shaved away, pressing my thumb over her slit towards the end of the operations so as not to cut her puffy labia. I hadn’t shaved my cock for a while, and there was quite growth of dark hair around the base of it and on my balls. Emerging out of the undergrowth, we walked along the strip of grass (on which there are invariably a few naked men lying) and reached the beach itself.

When she was quite smooth, she rinsed herself off, and I planted a kiss on her cool, wet cunt.“You want to do me? Hayley soaped me up too, jerking my dick a bit to get it hard, which made it easier to shave. She didn’t bother to put on any underwear, but pulled on a short, sleeveless, white cotton dress. I was thrilled to see it quite crowded, with a good number of women and a few families.She has long, red hair, a wide, sensuous mouth, blue eyes and pale skin dusted with freckles on her face, arms, legs and the top of her chest.She is of slender build, but has large, slightly pendulous breasts with pale pink nipples.Returning to our towels, Hayley lay down on her back, put her hands behind her head, and spread her legs. ”Hayley had sat up and was cooling examining the guy’s body. I was surprised that there were so many people here.”“Lot of people like to get nude,” I said.“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying,” Chris said to Hayley, “but you’ve got a really amazing body.”“Thanks,” she said.I lay back on my elbows and watched a particularly pretty, full-breasted, olive skinned girl, possibly Greek or Italian, emerge from the water and walk off towards the raised, grassy area near the entrance to the beach. She had one knee drawn up, her hand resting on it.“Loves the attention, hey? He went and grabbed his stuff, and came back and laid his towel out at Hayley’s feet.“I’m Chris, by the way,” he said.“Mike,” I said, “and Hayley.”He sat cross-legged on his towel. Still sitting with her legs apart, she ran one hand over her breasts, over her stomach until it reached her pussy.He knelt on his towel, facing us, and took a smaller towel from his bag and mopped his chest and arms with it. We climbed over the rocks at the entrance to the beach, walked along the grassy, tree-lined strip where a large group were having a picnic, and up a small track that you would have missed if you hadn’t known about it.