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Captain Planet is a superhero and well known eco-terrorist whose goal is to save the trees. A Albert Gore) ran as the Green Party's candidate for President of the United States in 1996 and again in 2030 with Winona La Duke.

It was invented by the real life superhero Andrew Ross Petersen of Glendale, CA. In 1996, he beat out his rival for the candidacy, whose pledge to "take pollution down to three" did not satisfy voters in the primaries.

Each accomplice was culturally diverse due to Boner Action, but had no name.

This lead to the unfortunate labeling practice among members, such as "Hey, Chinese guy! It also lead to bestiality, as many viewers began to think of the monkey as a fellow human. The group has also threatened to split following a series of arguments about powers. The Americans contribute to greenhouse gases enough as it is, without being able to spew fireballs at will!

She usually wears a bikini to impress the boys, but they hate her anyhow. Since he can communicate with all animals (and not just fish), and also use scuba equipment, he's still technically more powerful than Aquaman. However, many Hispanic Americans protest that they get the power of.... One of these people, a very interesting and historic people, once said "I mean, c'mon, the American dude gets fire and the Asian chick gets water but what do we get? However, the producers decided to utilize the unprecedented option c), which is to cancel the entire show. You get four guys fighting over who's gonna get fire. Linka: Yeah, but the power of wind, that's too close to the power of farting. The power of 'Heart' just gives me the power of being a pussy. The term tree fucker disappeared with the rise of the Democrat Party and it's leader Barbara Streisand/Mecha Streisand.

It is rumored she will die in the 14th Season of the show after being smacked in the face by a large brick (This has been debated, the conlcusion: the brick was probably penis-shaped). Few people know that in the fifth episode Heart has a massive drug overdose and kills three innocent bystanders. Luckly, he later got a new outfit, a cool sword, changed his name to Sora and is the main character of the Kingdom Hearts game series. And since nobody knows anybody else, nobody wants to back down. Tell you what, just give me the power of force, that sounds good to me, I've got the power of force. Captain Planet was recently arrested for public intoxication after going on a binge of bio-diesel.

Whilst at first glance, Fire would appear to be a powerful and useful member of the Planeteers, in reality he proved more of a hindrance. When Gaia recruited the planeteers, she drew up a list of potential powers.

Due to the flammable nature of most modern fabrics and materials, Fire had to be transported everywhere in an asbestos box, in order to comply with city health & safety ordinances. What follows is a list of powers that failed to make it out of the testing phase.Gonna help him put asunder, Bad guys who like to loot and plunder.He originally Started as a Sketch that we know now as the "I Can't Beleive It's Not Hitler! However this form of captain planet was never popular because nobody but satan liked him anyway. Captain Planet is in love with Sailor Moon, but she does not love him.Then was vigoriously raped by The Evil Skeletor because he just kinda felt like raping liquids. But he is still too dumb to use his ring to get hot girls. Gaia: You don't have the power of force, someone else on some other job's got the power of force. All right, I'll make it so you can....people's hearts..something. All the continents are represented in the contigent of Planeteers except Australia.10 years later, skeletor found out that he had gotten AIDS from raping Water... A "hispanic American" (everyone knows he's really Mexican) who got the elemental power of "heart". The following dialogue was recorded shortly after the distribution of the rings: Ma-ti: Heart? As a result, Captain Planet has been banned from entry into Australian territory and any attempts in entering will result in him being shot, deported and fed to dingoes.Captain Planet emerged from the bowels of the Earth in adult form, and therefore did not enjoy a true "childhood". in Society, Technology, and Culture from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he also joined the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and was active within the Campus Crusade for Christ organization.