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Generalized experimentation with materials is the first step, and once the character has a certain level of understanding of various materials, he will start to get ideas for actual working inventions that use those materials.

While the community isn't perfect, there are always bad actors, Initium's players will often surprise you. Better your equipment and attack with the weapon in your right hand or left hand. This system works ok for now, but it's not very good for the Pv P elements we want to add to the game.Part of what makes Initium great is the ability to come and play for as much time as you have and walk away at any time having made some progress.As players go about regular activities in the game, their character will come up with an "idea" for a new skill or invention.This will happen at random along with a number of other influential factors such as: However for the most part, the best ideas come from more focused research which the character can engage in wherever they are or using a specialized lab.This illegal activity is customized by the owning group.

Some things that the group can make illegal in a given territory includes: Any time a rule is broken, any character in the entire territory (not just the location in which the rule was broken) that is currently guarding/policing the territory will automatically enter combat with the player.

Since getting killed is a part of the game, it serves everyone well to band together to help eachother rather than to simply loot and grief.

Being saved by random strangers in the game tends to build a sense of community that rivals that of other games.

However in keeping with the benefits of the old system, we plan on allowing players to automatically progress combat with a single click if they don't want to (or don't have time to) micro manage.

This is meant to simulate the old "one-click-per-turn" combat system.

Ideas, skills, and inventions can all be shared freely or sold between characters.