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I have and old Fordson Major Diesel tractor for sale. I may have put 150 hrs since then It will be for sale when completed.great for a collector 850-324-0934i am not an expert but learning very fast at great expense-i have two 1954 fordson major deisels one for parts one running has a loader would sell both or looking for more parts machines would like a complete running engine for my parts tractor to make it run--phone me 7 ontario canadai have just powerwashed my baackhoe which i have found out was a huge mistake and it is leaking at a lot of seals on the sherman 54e100 power digger i need seals real bad and and can t find any thing anywhere. How many fenders are there out there to be had I have a 1964 super major fordson. The tractor also had a loader on it that we are not going to put it back on for hopes of someday restoring it in the future. My dad purchased a new Fordson Major Diesel in 1952. Am located in north western Ontario, Canada I have a ford super major with sherman backhoe and fromt loader, a super tractor. I had the injector worked on and they thouhgt I was missing a part off the injector. the housing and external fuel switch I thought that it was modified anyone know about this I have had a 1953 Fordson major diesel and have used it to cut 5 acres of grass with gang mowers every week for the last 11 years and are just now having the injectors refurbished. It starts first time every time and is a brilliant tractor.

The correct and original colour for the wheels is red not orange.

I live in Australia and own a 1957 English Fordson complete with a decompression lever and another two wrecks. If anyone would like a photo to check the original tyre rim colour email me on normon at and I will get in touch. I may be interested in selling tractor for parts if I cannot find replacment motor.

Cheers Norm I have a Fordson Major that I use to work aroung the place with and I need a couple of parts. I have just purchased a Fordson Major w/ hydraulic bucket on front and was told it was a Major 30.

I would like to restore her to a more original state if possible but find it hard to get some parts. And by the way..the guy likes his rims silver, then go for it. I don't know much about them but it drove fine for the 5 miles to my home.

Any sights that I can visit or persons with info would be appreciated. If nescessary however, it is best to have an assistant. over, and when it begins to fire pull down on lever for full compression and eng should start.

I do intend to make the next tractor show in my area(June)since I've never seen another Fordson in my area so anything to make it a show winner would be appreciated! I HAVE A FORDSON MAJOR DIESEL BELIEVED TO BE OF EARLY-MID 1950s VINTAGE . Whoever is working the lever should have some common sense so they don't stick they're hand in the fan or something stupid like that.

I have just retired her as she is in need of repair/restoration.

Any info regarding shop manuals, restoration advice ect...would be appreciated.

It needed a starter and 3 light bulbs, and it started up as sweet as anything.

There is no rust or damage to it whatsoever it also has a front loading bucket.

THIS IS EQUIPTED WITH 38 " RUBBER ON THE REAR ,16 RIBBED ON THE FRONT . Also in my experience, when eng is tuned right, it will knock and ping and shake and lope up and down on the governor when idling, I've found that if they idle smoothly, they will be hard to start and won't have full power [something to do with timing].