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Item #: SCP-2922 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2922-A is to remain at Area-2922.

Home theater and much more 5,000 416-998-7060 Something for everyone, reasonable prices. Glassware, chinaware, crockery, vintage small lamps, antique sheet music, collector magazines, books, vintage marbles , collector tins, wooden ware, dolls and doll furniture, venerable decor pieces, peck...

Walkout lower level has HUGE family room, guest room and more.

I'm going to walk, straight line, in one direction, for a very long time.

SCP-2922-B: And I'm not tired or hungry either, that's weird.

Once a human is implanted with SCP-2922, they will be able to make phone calls to a pre-established phone number at any time. I'm actually, truly dead, and whatever place this is, I'm not leaving, ever. I'll update you on my condition soon, I promise, but I need a moment to take it in.

The method the phone receives these calls is not entirely understood, as it does not involve standard telecommunication signals. SCP-2922 was developed by the ██████ Corporation, initially as a novelty smartphone app. The project was then promptly discontinued when it was discovered that actual telepathy, not the natural electricity of the brain, were involved, and the prototype was never released. ██████: Hold on, I'm gonna verify those credentials. ██████: …We just got the call, police said your car got T-boned by a drunk and you were dead on arrival. Last thing I remember was trying to drive through some rain, now I'm naked in the middle of a desert with… Addendum 1 - Project Corbenic: on 11/25/14, two months into the implant, SCP-2922-B was killed in a car accident. Two hours later, a call was received on SCP-2922-A. ██████: Sorry, you have the wrong— SCP-2922-B: Oh thank god, you picked up. Bigger than the surrounding mountains - wild guess, it's about 2,000 meters high. It came out of the mountains after I heard some sound like a long, slow drumbeat. Matted black fur all over, only different colors were its two glowing white eyes, like searchlights. Anyway, I think I've got some kind of confirmation that this is an afterlife, if not afterlife.