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This doesn't turn out very well, and she just gets jizzed on again.

Eventually, Germaine gives in and decides to use her body as a way to make money. He apparently stayed with Anchovie for a while after getting stuck in his luggage when he immigrated from England.

She beats him to death, but he still manages to escape from her wrath.

There are even several Foamy albums that contain topical rants, squirrel songs, audio tracks from animated episodes, and unused audio tracks.

The original version of the Neurotically Yours series.

In this incarnation, Germaine was the main character while Foamy mostly stayed in the background or off to the side whilst making random comments pertaining to the current situation (or perhaps not).

When the animated series began, Foamy was the only character who spoke (beginning with the episode Foamy Thoughts), so he gained prominence over Germaine and eventually usurped the main character position (even though Germaine gained a voice in Hypnotic Foamy).

This causes Germaine to question the concept of sex and whether artistic quality or sexual streamlining is more important.

Germaine breaks off her friendship with Dana due to her dislike of Dana's profession.It followed the day-to-day life of the aformentioned Germaine, as she dealt with idiots and vanity whores and mused on life and all its complexities.Meanwhile, her pet Foamy would mostly stay in the background and make random comments about the current situation.However, most of the fatness goes to her butt, which wouldn't exactly deter men from raping her.Nevertheless, she intends to use her body to make people pay more attention to what she has to say, especially her poetry.There are also a number of (terrible) fan-produced episodes circulated among various fansites on the Internet.