Firefox bookmarks not updating

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You can specify a 'server path' in your floccus account setup.

This is like the target folder of a copy or rsync command.

A number of users, myself included, recently had this happen.

There are a couple of possible solutions, and we’ll go over them in order of their likeliness to resolve the problem.

The Firefox addon is outdated and can't be installed on latest Firefox and the last few comments on it says it didn't work anyways.

( this old thread: it was stated that you could add your Firefox account in the settings of the app but I can't find it, guess it has been removed.

I also have my website in bookmarks but it shows the old favicon: I've already took a look here but answers did not solved my problem. This forces a page refresh while clearing the cache. The image is probably cached in different places for the bookmark and the tab.

The solution is probably very simple, but I have found nothing so far. If that doesn't work, try the favicon addon here I also found this code for refreshing it.

However, it's not very easy anymore to run your own sync server and it still would only work with firefox.

News: Floccus v2.0 can now sync all your bookmarks with all of your ginormous folder hierarchy.

Many users like using Xmarks, a third-party application, to sync their bookmarks between browsers.