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Experiences of feeling misled, used and disappointed are a turn-off.

We used to fear being sold a lemon when we were buying a car.

While that can still happen under certain circumstances, by and large, we can gather a great deal of information (including about many other items and services), making it trickier to be screwed by the salesperson.There’s no longer, as the economist George Akerlof showed in his study of how the used-car market used to work, an asymmetry in available information.Experiencing the surreal grace of the manta rays that call the Andaman Sea ‘home’ can be experienced year round.November to April is also when many liveaboards (for the dive obsessed) make their pilgrimages to the Similan Islands, so if you’re interested in an immersive dive experience, consider going at this time.Nowadays, we can research most things and sometimes know as much as, if not more, than the seller.

That, and there’s plenty of laws, warranties, guarantees and the threat of a poor rating or review.The months of November through April are generally considered to be some of the best in terms of dive visibility, water temperature and in the amount of wildlife you’ll see.If you’re interested in the gentle giants that are whale sharks, you’ll want to visit anywhere from February to May.On the West Coast of Thailand, which is becoming more and more popular with tourists, the months from May to October can be considered the off season- it’s Thailand’s rainy period.Visibility and ocean calmness may suffer during this time, so if you’re planning a getaway for these months, consider relocating your diving plans to the Gulf of Thailand, which will still boast excellent sights during these months (considered its very own ‘high season’).It doesn’t mean we’re ‘fully informed,’ but we’re certainly more armed.