Dynamic updatepanel not updating Eavesdropping of adult chat for free

As a result, users no longer see the whole page reload with every postback.

This topic assumes that you are familiar with the , the outer panel is not refreshed when only the inner panel is triggered.

It would be natural and neat to be able to make them triggers for an update on another panel though... I'd have to see the code to really help, but it sounds like you're dynamically creating controls (only on some postbacks...

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(This only because the "Async Post Back Trigger" after the form init can not be recorded). Also recorded "Register Async Post Back Control" clickable for each dynamic control in Script Manager in my parent page, it does not postback! 2) Do not think of making a mistake to create my dynamic controls, associate and record an event on the Script Manager 3) we are sure that there is a way to run the dynamic controls are created after the Form_init? I then tried to create my dynamic control inside another Update Panel with Update Mode = always and I realized that does not work the same! 1) the problem can be caused by my Modal Popup Extender are created where the different update panel and dynamic controls?controls enables you to provide UI functionality that would be difficult to provide otherwise.

Nested panels are useful when you want to be able to refresh specific regions of the page separately and refresh multiple regions at the same time. This causes the outer panel not to refresh its page region if only the inner panel is refreshing.

However, if a trigger refreshes the outer panel, both the outer and inner panels are refreshed. The following example displays the categories, subcategories, and names of products from the Adventure Works sample database.

The category list rarely changes and there is no need to refresh the list of categories every time that a list of subcategories or products is displayed.

;o) I wonder if this is another form of the as yet unanswered problem we have been discussing under tab panesl?

You might try doing the dynamic creation in Page_Init and looking to see if there is a postback which you can do something with - however messy it might be at this stage?

Page { protected void Page_Load(object send Programmatically adding Async Post Back Trigger controls is not supported. In this case i can reach the Script Manager situated in my Parent Page and register the Async Post Back Control and at the end i Update my Update Panel BUT when i click my Dynamic Image Button,don't work! TI for a while I explain the situation from my master page I click a button that runs a query and according to that I create my dynamic controls in a asptable contained in an Update Panel, and then I see my Modal Pop Up Extender that shows me my asptable ...