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Tap on the photo and choose "Use this Photo" for the contact icon.

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On my X my facebook pictures automatically populated my contacts. 1) I've added a Facebook Account2) There was no pre-installed facebook app so I downloaded and installed the Facebook App from the Market. This time around I switched the order...1) I installed the Facebook app from the market2) I went to add and account. Facebook is listed as an account, but still no pictures in my contacts. No pictures in my contacts although my facebook contacts did appear (in text form). Apart from the stylish Gionee Smartphones, Lenovo too has started making news in the world of Premium Smartphones. While considering the big screen with 6.44 inch 1080 p resolution display, ZTE Nubia X6 facilitates impressive features that might trigger youth’s interest in it. I used backup assistance and all my phone numbers are in the new phone but my phone will not update the pictures with Facebook.My previous Droid 2 connected to the facebook profile.

I purchased my Droid Maxx yesterday and am having problems with the facebook pics showing up on my contact list. When I go to contacts and choose which contacts to display, the facebook contact list is empty????

When I go into my contacts it does not even show a facebook profile linked to the client. I have deleted the Facebook app and re-installed it several times.

I even let the phone sit overnight and it never connected the accounts, it has on those contacts that have a twitter or google account.

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