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(laughs) That was there whole thing.” Amanda said that you were very funny most of the time and that you are one of the most honest people that she has ever met. But, I don't know if she was being honest.” (laughs) Don't forget, you are in Hollywood, I don't know if everyone strives for that kind of honesty. You know, I hate beating the little small town drum or whatever, but I'm from a pretty small town (Cullman, Alabama) and my family is from a pretty small town, and there's just no reason to lie there.All my family lives on one like big piece of property in Alabama and the other side of my other family lives in Montgomery (Alabama).That was kind of our plan, or my plan, at least.” is very emotional and very believable. Is your portrayal of John a product of you becoming a better actor through practice, having great direction from Lasse Hallstrom or a combination of both? He would not let me wear that jacket, you know, that jacket with all the medals and pins and stuff because he said, 'That is the worst movie moment possibility ever.' He said, 'I can see it in the trailer, you are not allowed to wear it – ever! You don't argue, you're just like, 'Great.' But acting-wise, he really gives you freedom, and that's the one thing that he says.

Yes, there are huge battles and what not but I kind of like to compare it to The Searchers. This time, I just want them to do it good and do it well.I hope they really the tie up some of the loose ends and come up with a great story.” .It's always come back around to bite me in the ass anytime I've ever tried to skew things or skew things in my direction, so now.” , and it is a first century, sword and sandals movie. (laughs) The people are amazing, it's beautiful, but for the most part you are going wet and soaked all the way through. “No, not a start date yet, but I really hope they take their time with the script and get it right.I don't think that it's in the general sense of an epic. But by far, it's the hardest thing I've ever done.” Was it physically challenging for you to do? The last time, I think we really had to rush it because of the Writer's Strike and everything.“There were a whole lot of SF guys working with us and you can see it in the film when you go into that first room, there were about four actors and the rest were actual, real SF guys. They would tell us things like, 'That Hum Vee would never be in this area.

Not that kind of Hum Vee' or 'We are not going out on a battle mission so unzip your vest and relax' or 'You can take your hand off your weapon, now' – little tiny things that would sell you down the river When military people go to see the movie. They just want it to be accurate, because for the most part they don't want actors to make them look like idiots.Doing the emotional side in is so much more of an extreme way to experience a character, It's raw, it's naked at times, and it's kind of scary because acting is one of the one jobs that you never really know if you got it right. Amanda Seyfried strikes a pose for the January 2013 cover of In Style.And, I think that by the end of the film, when she kind of throws that back at him, he understands it.” is such a deeply romantic motion picture, in your own life, how do you know when it's true love? The bond between you and your child is unconditional love.They could kill somebody, and you'd be, 'Oh, whatever. I know before she gets up if she is going to be in a good mood. I know if she had good dreams or bad dreams Just pay attention.” Was it love at first sight between you and Jenna?After showy roles in such Hollywood popcorn blockbusters as G. Joe and Public Enemies, Tatum is getting a chance to display his real acting abilities in Lasse Hallstrom's big screen romance Dear John. (the ultimate date night movie) allows Tatum to deliver a deep, compelling and emotionally-believable performance -- proving that he's more than just a former Abercrombie & Fitch/Dolce & Gabbana model who just thinks he can act.