Diana taurasi and lauren jackson dating

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After all these years, rest for rubles, Bird knew what Taurasi had earned. women’s annex.“In your 20s, you’re on autopilot, you don’t think about it,” Bird said. There has never been any doubt where the good money has been, always abroad, where, Bird said, even the minimum salaried W. Von Kalmanovic, a construction magnate and onetime spy for the K. B., lavished his favorite players with cash bonuses for victories and diamond-studded jewelry.

in 2015, she did not have to explain herself to Sue Bird. That’s how little time there was.”Taurasi’s decision was also an unavoidable commentary on the state of the professional game in the United States, just now short of two decades old, not far removed from its developmental cradle. It’s easy to be nearsighted but you’ve got to take in the full body of work. ”Taurasi is 32 and, like Bird, has been playing professionally year-round for a decade, saving time for the national team, too. That’s not all that the owner at the time, Shabtai von Kalmanovic, doled out to make himself a big-time operator and paternal women’s basketball figure.

I grew up believing that Russia was a huge, red monster.

Of course, I also believed that I’d survive “the bomb” by crouching under my school desk with my hands clasped over my head.

“It doesn’t take away what I want to do with the basketball camps or my consulting.

I can still do all of that and coach basketball at the highest level with the No. The pieces all fit.”Chatman recently spoke about her abrupt departure from LSU for the first time since she left.

Besides, Taurasi had indicated she would return to the Mercury in 2016. may have to do more than its own overseas deterrents — bonuses it offers players for limiting commitments to three months.“I think this could be unique to a small group of players,” Bird said.

At least that is the plan right now.“I have great respect for Diana as a player and after 10 years of playing year-round, I completely understand,” Richie said.

Still, I have a hard time thinking of moving to Moscow as a fresh start. Chatman, who resigned as head coach of Louisiana State University earlier this year under a cloud of sexual innuendo, has accepted an associate head-coaching position with Spartak Moscow Region professional basketball team. Last year, WNBA stars Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Tina Thompson and Lauren Jackson played for Spartak during the off-season, and Spartak won the 2007 Euro League Women championship.