Developing and updating local formularies

In April, the Trust became the first NHS Trust in the country to invest in an innovative mobile app which gives service users and their carers essential information about mental health conditions.

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You should be involved in and have informed choice of therapy.

If you would like to know more, ask a member of your care team or ask to speak to a pharmacist.

Without a well-managed formulary, plan sponsors would pay significantly more for medications, which would result in higher cost-sharing and a reduced benefit for patients. Express Scripts’ careful approach to formulary development is based on the following principles: Express Scripts has decades of clinical and formulary development expertise.

Our formularies are created with guidance from three distinct committees: National Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee): A group of 15 independent physicians and one pharmacist from active community and academic practices representing a broad range of medical specialties.

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you feel better about yourself and learn new ways of solving problems or coping with symptoms.

Guided programmes of self help may also be appropriate.VAC consists of Express Scripts' employees from formulary management, product management, finance and clinical account management.No member of VAC can serve in any capacity on TAC (and vice-versa).Formulary management is a highly effective strategy that pharmacy plan sponsors can implement to maintain a safe, affordable and meaningful benefit for patients.As seen in recent years, formularies are changing the dynamics of drug competition, which is great news for patients and payers.Many people with serious health problems will require medication for the long term treatment of their condition.