Dealing dating married man

Two weeks ago she came home for 4 days, it was the first real time I had with my wife during this time.

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Our relationship suddenly felt strained due to the distance and her working 80 hour weeks.

She insisted that I could not come down due to the number of people on location and the lack of time on her end.

I tried to leave that night and when I did she said she could not live without me and took a full bottle of medication.

I could not believe what she was doing and sought medical attention right away.

My wife and I married in November, it was a dream come true for both of us.

She was offered a job 1,200 miles away where she grew up, so I packed up my stuff, sold my home, quit my job, and moved to be with her. Unexpectedly she was required to work 3 hours away for 3 months, so her and a few other coworkers were required to stay on location.

The first step is to notice how you are feeling in the moment- do you feel pulled out of yourself, trying to read your partner’s mind? Invite them to tell you what has upset them, and let them know that unless they tell you, there is nothing you can do for them- they may not be talking to you, but their ears are working just fine. Every time you notice yourself trying to read their mind and “fix” the situation, remind yourself that it is not your job to figure this out, and let yourself off the hook.

When you refuse to play games, the games tend to fall apart pretty quickly.

My first reaction was just to feel the pain of this unknown person somewhere out there in cyberspace.

Getting the silent treatment from the person closest to you can be hurtful and frustrating.

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