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During this time he went by the alias name of "Sisonpyh".The alias "sisonpyh" (hypnosis spelled in reverse) was a tribute to Jeffrie's teachings on Neuro-linguistic programming.Now, Deangelo is one of the most popular (and rich) dating coaches in the world, making over 20 Million dollars in sales per year.

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I think just about everyone here is familiar with this book.

It’s one of the more famous basic books in the PUA scene.

In addition to Ross Jeffries, De Angelo sought out other dating gurus to learn from.

These included Eric Von Sydow (Hypnotica), Dave Ricker, and Steve Piccus.

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Some of his work has led him to work with big names like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins.

He is one of the most successful business men having got their start in Internet based information products (like dating courses).

The book became a smashing success and from then on, Deangelo and his company has been providing excellent dating advice for men.

Since the later part of 2009 up to the present, Double Your Dating has employed more than eighty people, all of which are operating from remote locations.

He next continued to develop his understanding of sales with marketing skills working in a seminars and training business for entrepreneurship and sales. His success as an entrepreneur started with the "Double Your Dating" brand which he built from 2001 and is still going strong today.