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It was really bad lighting, I wasn’t in the most flattering clothes or pose, but it was real life.

“You see the reports saying these bosses are coming in and they’re axing loads of people, but we’re all just excited to see what the future holds. I really respect her as a woman in this industry – she’s very powerful and strong and I think she’s done the show amazing justice. We don’t get the riff raff, we always get the good ones – people who love and care about our show.“Producers come and go, they sprinkle us with love and then move on. So none of us know what’s coming, but that’s always an exciting moment, I think.” Kate’s tenure hasn’t been without controversy, though.Many Corrie fans have grown weary of the slew of bleak storylines, including the grooming of Bethany Platt, serial killer Phelan’s reign of terror, David Platt’s rape and just this week Aidan Connor’s suicide.There have been complaints that the show has lost its humour and heart, but while Brooke is aware of the criticism, she puts up a robust defence.She’s an amazing mother to Matilda, she channels all her love into her, and it’s really nice to see her so settled. Away from the Street, she’s been dating Oldham Athletic footballer Kean Bryan, 21, for two years after they met through mutual friends. There’s nothing much more to say other than we made tea last night! It’s mainly for my nana so she can keep up with what I’m doing. We’ve seen Helen go off and come back, but I’m massively privileged to still be there. It’s stable, it’s near to home and all my friends and family and I genuinely love it.

They took the relationship public with a magazine photo shoot earlier this year, but Brooke says they’re not about to become a celebrity couple cliché. We’re more likely to be going to the cinema with our hoods up. It’s very easy.” Marriage and kids aren’t on the cards just yet, however. The results, which she later posted on Instagram as a before and after, showed an incredible transformation, and it’s completely changed her life. And then there was the aforementioned Maccy D hat trick. “It was having an effect on my skin, and as you get older your metabolism changes, so you can’t get away with what you used to.“So it was a Mc Donald’s on the Friday night before I went out, then another one in the early hours of Saturday morning, and then again in the afternoon. The longest walk I’d ever do would be round the Trafford Centre.” Brooke, 25, had an extra incentive to sort herself out.“The intention behind the transformation was to be healthier, no matter what size, shape or width.I wanted to give up smoking, I didn’t want to get out of breath doing Dancing On Ice – even just running up the stairs you can feel a difference.” She still has the odd Mc Donald’s (“It’s all about balance”) and says she’s not the “finished product” just yet. I still train regularly, but it’s more about maintaining it and getting those endorphins going, setting me up for the day.” The hard work certainly paid off as far as Dancing On Ice was concerned, with Brooke finishing as runner-up in the March finale.It’s definitely not cool, and one thing I rate about social media is that it’s given young people a bit of ambition and aspiration: you can go to this place, you can have that experience… I cut out so much sugar, I think I was more bothered about that than the cigarettes.