Dating without being friends first proper dating edicate

Here are more reasons you should strongly consider pursuing a friendship before thinking about changing the tone of the relationship to romance. When your mind is clouded by feelings of lust and physical attraction, it's hard to see a person objectively.

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Not all friendships are meant to turn romantic, and that's okay.

Luckily for us, we decided to take it to the next level and it's probably the best decision either of us have made, even though the distance is hard.

Everyone acts and speaks differently when they're in a relationship, but for the most part, personality and character shouldn't change drastically if you've got to know them as a friend.

The biggest benefit and reason you should consider pursuing a friendship with a guy before adding romance into the mix is that it will help you to clarify and decide if there will be a first date to begin with.

My boyfriend and I have been long-distance from Day 1, and we pursued a friendship through a lot of communication on a daily basis.

We were getting to know each other, and there wasn't a hint of romance during that stage of our relationship.If the guy is attractive, it may be hard to pursue just a friendship, but being clear about it will help.Draw up a pros and cons list to help you in your decision.Don't underestimate the power of a solid friendship and don't slack off when it comes to maintaining it on a daily basis because it can really help you and your boyfriend to get through the toughest of times.If it doesn't, it goes to show that he's not the right one for you.Surprisingly, the stronger our friendship, the more romance and intimacy there is.