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In case you didn’t know, day game is when you approach a cute girl on the street.

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Day game can be very successful, especially in cities where people walk around a lot during the day.

I know many successful day gamers in Ukraine and Colombia.

You can provide some help to the family of your dating Vietnam girl if necessary or if you have the ability.

But most of the Vietnam girls are independent and can earn their own living.

6 If you really want to marry the Vietnam girl, you had better meet up with her in Vietnam before marrying. After first sight, you can have further understanding of the Vietnam girl you dating online.

7 Generally speaking, many Vietnamese girls want to marry foreigners.5 Girls in Vietnam counties generally received secondary or senior high school education.Those who have graduated from university are brought up in a quite fair family.In fact, a “real” Vietnamese girl will have a 11pm curfew, thus night clubs will not be an option for her.In addition, the typical Vietnamese girl don’t drink a lot of alcohol, and most traditional girls have never visited a nightclub.And that’s the type of girls you’ll find in Vietnam.