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the site of Sungai Limau Manis continues this trend.Sungai Limau Manis, found in early 2002, is the most recent archaeological site of Brunei Darussalam.

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It is one of the most important archaeological findings since Kota Batu (1950s), Sungai Lumut (1968), Terusan Kupang (1974) and The Brunei Shipwreck (1997).The site was discovered by chance by Syarikat Normila Sdn. during the widening and deepening of the Limau Manis River.Through the research and rescue works conducted by the Archaeology Section, a lot of artifacts were collected such as wooden objects, Chinese coins, shells, human bones and skulls, gold, beads, stones, bronze bangles, etc.The majority of the artifacts are ceramics dated from the Song to Yuan Dynasty (10-14 century AD).Apart from the findings of Song ceramics in Brunei, the periodic tributary missions during that time indicate a level of commercial activity.

the Chinese were well aware that the finest quality camphor could be found in Brunei.

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Rivers are a natural source used by human beings since ancient times.

The continuous use of the river has left us a lot of evidence from the past but also many mysteries.

The site is located approximately 22km from Bandar Seri Begawan, on the bank of Sungai Limau Manis, a tributary of the Brunei River.