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They made a deal with the Tutsi king, guaranteeing him protection from his enemies in exchange for following German commands, thus making the king a puppet.

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The Tutsi, the largest minority, traditionally have accounted for about 14 percent of the population. The ethnic balance has begun to shift as Hutu from Burundi have fled to neighboring Rwanda to escape ethnic persecution and Tutsi have escaped violence in Rwanda and settled in Burundi.The Tutsi now make up closer to 20 percent of the population.Throughout colonial times, internal strife continued to build.When independence was declared in 1962, the area reverted to Tutsi rule.The Hutu arrived from the west in a gradual migration between the seventh and the eleventh centuries.

They outnumbered the Twa and put their own regional kings, called bahinza, in place.Bagaza declared the goal of eliminating corruption in the government; however, in the subsequent election in 1982, he was the only candidate.Bagaza's regime harbored suspicion toward Catholics, who were considered dangerously sympathetic to the Hutu.36 - Canterbury, Kent Tetris taught me one thing if you try to fit in, you'll disappear I'm honest and hard working, fairly sarcastic and I'm reasonably intelligent. Burundi has to two distinct ethnic groups: the Hutu and the Tutsi.Because Burundi and Rwanda were populated by the same ethnic groups and spoke the same language, the United Nations thought that they should remain one nation, but the two wanted independence separately, and the United Nations acquiesced.