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Just for your information, this is the exact classifieds extension that we use on other classifieds templates.

Ads galleries work seamlessly with DJ-Classifieds displaying the source from this extension.

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Note: Since this is the very common question, please read it :) Thanks to flexible custom fields you may sell whatever you want with this classifieds Joomla template and create your search and product details criteria.Examples shown on the demo site are samples only, you may create your product details - the specification that may be different for each category.plugin you can locate the items of your community on Hello Maps into google maps.Once you have installed the jomsocial google maps plugin the system automatically creates a new tab in the sidebar and the markers on the map for all Decide if you want to include Profile Type Filters in the Sidebar and combine with Search Eg: ,etc...For Example if in previous search field you have inserted the field "Country", you can perform a combined search like: in several pages of joomla and decide to link to all or only some plugins for displaying markers.

You can decide to have a map that shows the results of all the plugins or maps for individual components.

If you want to know more you can try out a demo or see the feature list and demonstration video at

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XTDir - Adding Pages to Jom Social Community Network - Online Web Presentation Adobe PDF | Microsoft Power Point PPTX In these examples, you can check how XTDir extends Jom Social and Sobi Pro.

Please, check it here in the demo site where you can find a Jom Social 3 installation and Sobi Pro v1.1 business directory, with 5.000 more entries to fill the catalog.

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