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Personal information: Birth date: 29 November 1977. Miklukho-Maklaya, 16/10, 117997 GSP, Moscow V-437, Russia. Thesis: „ Development methods of computer modeling chromosomes interaction“.

In Q4 we have continued to see strong growth in all areas and revenues, including all acquisitions on a pro forma basis, grew 32.6% Y-o-Y to RUR 17,564m.

As we have stated previously, 2017 was a year of sizeable investment for us as we put significant resources behind a number of our new projects, especially our O2O initiatives.

of Bioengineering, Faculty of Biological Sciences, M.

“ Novel approaches to molecular modeling of transmembrane domains of GPCR-receptors”.

Thesis: „ NMR and molecular simulation analysis of neurotoxin-II“. Thesis: „ Molecular modeling of structural and functional aspects of P-type ATPases interactions with ATP“. Personal information: birth date and place: 27 October 1974, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. Education: 1999—present: Post-graduate education at M.

Personal information: Birth date & place: 19 November 1974, Zhukov, Kaluga region, Russia. Thesis: „ Theoretical investigation of protein—membrane interaction, using solvation model imitate the influence of a lipid bilayer“. Education: 1996—1999: Post-graduate education at Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. degree in Physics & Mathematics (candidate in physical and mathematical sciences), Specialization: Biophysics.

Biochemistry & Biophysics Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm. Contact info: Address: 19/3 Moskvorechye St., Moscow, 115522. Education: In 2002: Ph D student at the Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute and M.

Thesis: „ Modeling of helix-helix interactions by Monte Carlo method in biomembranes“. Personal information: born 25 November 1978, Trekhgorny, Russia.

Contact info: Tel.: 7 910 416-98-67.e-mail: [email protected]

Personal information: Birth date & place: 14 November 1981, Moscow, Russia.

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