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Since the majority of the men were middle aged, and the women were in their mid 20's, the whole thing had a tawdry look to it, imo!Which is why I resigned and asked for my money back.

Jim told me that online dating ukraine, and army of brides, are all scam sites and men should avoid using these sites. Jim told me that online dating ukraine allows the women to have more then one profile, in some cases, up to 3 different profiles. I send an email back to Joe nail and mention the woman is still listed with her AFA profile # on . Then I spot the woman at the May 2009 socials in the recent tours photos section. He said, ' well, she may have just decided to turn up'.. They copied's style step by step.I showed Jim multipole profiles of women with online dating ukraine and guess what? Joe sends me a email saying that, this is not a AFA site. I mentioned that he told m he removed her as a client, full-stop. JIM'S Original Anti-Scam Site - onclick=";return false; JIM'S Agency Checklist Site - onclick=";return false; Quoting [email protected]: What a -whit you are.I searched this forum for "A Foreign Affair" but could not find any information.Does anyone know about this agency and its affiliates or has any experience with them, whether they are full of scammers or pro-daters? onclick=";return false; Following is an article of a journalist's experience with A Foreign Affair: onclick=";return false; It seems from this report that this agency might be legitimate !!

Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE.I see all the sluts listed with online dating ukraine, all have the " I was born to make you happy" removed.... This is done EXACTLY to avoid posts like from afa ex client, as we are fed up with it.We have to know a poster at least a bit before he jumps into this section. I paid for a Platinum Membership, then a day later canceled. They charge quite a bit for e mail exchanges with their clients, which seemed high priced to me.AFA is to the international dating industry what Coca-Cola is to the soda industry.It is the most respected dating site on Internet, who featured in international media such as The NY Times, The Washington Post or BBC. As you can read by my user name that I'm an ex client of A Foreign Affair. These people are a full-on scam letter writing agency.Even the president and directors of the company tell lies. I also sent a complaint about the onclick=";return false; agency to Jim from At one time, AFA and were both listed on jims ' gold' list but he has since removed after I mentioned this a another forum. John adams told me he removed the woman that I complained about from all he's sites.