Dating forrest city

Forrest and his son get a job at a pig farm owned by Mr. Little Forrest notes how pig feed can get expensive and recommends using something that no one else wants; garbage.

To make ends meet, Forrest takes a job as a janitor in a strip club in New Orleans.By chance one of the club's best customers is a rough football player for the New Orleans Saints known as "Snake", who used to play football for the University of Alabama alongside Forrest.To his surprise, the base's command sergeant major is a black man who served with Forrest and Bubba in Vietnam, known as Sergeant Kranz.The pig feed idea soon becomes a means of solving the energy crisis by using pig dung as power, with Little Forrest helping a team of engineers to build the world's first pig power plant.Once at Union Station in Washington, Forrest sees a homeless, handicapped man, who says he is Lt.

Dan, who had fallen in with those who took advantage of him and absconded with his retirement money, leaving him bankrupt. Forrest, not wishing to see Dan homeless, says they will work something out.In the middle of a game, Forrest is told that Jenny has died.Forrest tells the Saints that he cannot be at the next game so that he can deliver the eulogy at her funeral.It is the sequel to his novel Forrest Gump (1986), and the Academy Award-winning film of the same name released in 1994, with Tom Hanks.It was written to chronicle Forrest's life throughout the 1980s.The Saints' management believes this to be a holdout tactic, and he is cut from the team.