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Rzana was one of the main headquarters of the Rzana line of the Sapieha family.

In 1644, Sapieha received King Wladyslaw IV in Rzana.

Jan Grabowski, the zealous Calvin, moved to Lithuania, where he left a few sons, of whom Krystyan Grabowski, the official in Lithuanian Brest, and Marcin Grabowski, a Vitebsk official; they acted in the Kaunas county, and Jan signed the choice of the king Jan III.

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Frederick William III's daughter, Charlotte of Prussia, married Paul's son, Czar Nicholas I, who succeeded Alexander I, and who also belonged to the Order of the Garter.The son of Csar Nicholas, Constantine Nicholaievitch Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia, fathered Olga Constantinovna Romanov, who married George I King of 1827 in Lukow close to Oborniki, as the oldest son of Jzef Goetzendorf-Grabowski the owner of Lukow.Jozef Grabowski was Napoleon's officer, director of the Credit Bank in Poznan. Jozef's father - Adam Mateusz Grabowski the owner of Welno and Parkow, the Royal Court official of August III.History Of Secret Societies: Knights Templar and Illuminati. Konstantinovich [Apollon Konstantynowicz son of Wasyl Konstantynowicz] in St. Nikolaj Nikolajevic senior, Romanov; that is Mikolaj Mikolajewicz Romanow, b. 1891; Grand Duke, General Adjutant - 1856, General Field Marshal - 1878.

HISTORY OF SECRET SOCIETIES: Templars, Illuminati, and Freemasons. Petersburg established The Factory of electromechanical structures when Tesla received a British patent on the design of the spark gap - rotating strap. Third son of Tsar Nicholas I and Tsarina Aleksandra Fedorovna, born as Charlotte / Charlotta Princess of Prussia.The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence. His older brothers were Tsar Alexander II and Grand Duke of Russia, Konstanty Mikolajewicz.Initially it was a global political network of the Russian intelligence infiltrated by the British [1791], French [from the 40s of the 18th century] and Germans [1769/1776], and by the Polish independence conspiracy [was established 1792/1799] starting from a years 1870/1878. Petersburg established the Electrotechnical workshop on 1892, June 27. (1803 at Coburg, she married 1st to Charles, Prince of Leiningen; 2nd to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, in 1818 at Amorbach.i’m looking for a responsible, reliable, caring, loving man who will be there for me when i need him and in my turn i will be always there for him. I am easy going and love meeting friends and exploring new things. I like to spend free evenings in gyms or on sport playgrounds. Already from the beginning of the nineteenth century, a small Calvinist church in the village stood where the mausoleum of the Grabowski family was located.