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If you want to bring a girl as your date to your sorority spring formal, you definitely want to make sure you join a sorority in which you feel comfortable doing so.Kayla found Omega Phi Alpha, which welcomed her and her trans girlfriend with open arms."She's invited to come as my date [to sorority events]," says Kayla.

But Allison didn't see herself fitting in, and decided against joining.

"I have nothing against that at all — by all means, find that cute boy and take him to the party!

Frat guys in this environment just weren’t our cup of tea — but I still wanted a date!

"Emily*, a 21-year-old student at a large city school in the northeast, and sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, thinks that the location and liberal attitudes of the campus and its city affects those of the sorority."I knew that because I attend a very liberal university, it would be unlikely that anyone would be outwardly hateful towards me for being bisexual, even sorority members," says Emily.

Sometimes, queer women are dissuaded from rushing altogether from the reputation sororities have of being monotonously straight."Date parties and associating with fraternities are common elements that are implemented in a sorority's routine," says Allison, a 21-year-old student at the University of Arizona.

She initially considered joining a sorority freshman year because her mom made lifelong friends through sorority.Once she came out when she was a student, Brooke was just excited to bring her girlfriend to formal.The only thing that made her feel different were pronoun usage at chapter, in which sisters referred to dates as men.She was out from initiation, and she felt safe and accepted by her chapter.She brought women as dates to formals, even if her date wasn't too keen on attending.Personally, I just don't see myself doing that."Besides the 26 Panhellenic sororities, the National Multicultural Greek Council, which is a council that oversees multicultural organizations on campuses, has its own selection of sororities and fraternities as well.