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For your convenience, we grouped these sermons from 2010 through 2017 under the category of This is a unique series in that it is developed by James Emery White in partnership with his wife, Susan.

Whether we have grown up in the church our entire lives or are just starting to explore the Christian faith, we all have questions about Jesus that we're often afraid to ask.

For a month prior to the start of this series, people submitted their questions (anonymously) through an online web form.

Over four weeks, James Emery White will take a look at each one - what made it go viral, and if the verse itself means what people think it means.

Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00As we approach the celebration of Christmas, we have found that many pastors are requesting some of James Emery White's teachings from past years. But what if we could take a guided tour, walking through all 66 of its books, and helped to know how to dip into the most pivotal passages?

James Emery White's messages reflects on what the 25 years has meant to him and what the future will hold as Meck continues to serve its mission. It means to convert something so that it can be used as a weapon or to supply or equip something with weapons. There are weaponized apps for cyber warfare, weaponized drones and weaponized viruses. This series will save you the google search as it dives into, "Is it okay for a Christian to..."Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00Is God a moral monster?

Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00One of the bestselling non-fiction books on Amazon over the past year wasn't on marriage or management, finances or fitness. It used to be used only in military circles, as in "weaponizing" a rocket by fitting it with nuclear material and equipping it for launch. But now it's broken out of military circles into as a whole. vote for a Democrat (or actually, vote for anyone this election)? Throughout the Old Testament in the Bible, you read about harsh punishment, sacrifices and mass slaughter.

But what if generosity was more than just gift-giving in the month of December?

What if it unleashed something unspeakably powerful deep inside you?

Over those years, they raised four children who are all in vibrant relationships with Christ and who have all started families themselves.

There is a thirst among singles and those married for mentoring on marriage.

It's also brought a national reckoning unlike any in recent history. It has to do with key life decisions and actions, including spiritual ones.