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If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. And now the little girl is seen some times looking for her father and her father is still yell for her. If you enter the room in the dark, a cold icy feeling passes over your skin.Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching. In addition, bottles have been seen "jumping" off the ledges in the back of the bar, not breaking, and if replaced on the ledge, will again leave the spot to land on the floor.

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This school was founded in 1837 as a boarding school.

Over the years students and staff have reported seeing balls of light float along most of the hallways, footsteps following them from the 3rd floor of Scarborough Hall, doors on that floor opening and closing on their own, and the lights in that hallway turning on and off on their own.

There have also been reports of singing coming from the theater when everyone has gone home for the night. There is an arch on the ball field with a cross on it.

If you go down the steps there are benches to sit on an altar.

Security guards of the college have reported hearing footsteps thumping down the hall of the third floor. It was closed for many years and was finally bought and used for children's theater (like Snow White, etc.) and they also show movies there at night, too. People get married and children are christened there.

The people that are there late at night say they hear voices, footsteps and the chair seats move. It's all woods with dirt winding roads that never end. Witnesses report that there were cars behind them then they disappeared out of nowhere like they weren't even there, sick feelings & apparitions of a woman. It is a place of worship for the staff & campers during the summer - as well as other guests throughout the year.While it was being built, the wife went up to the top floor, as she came down, she saw her husband with another woman! There is a myth, if you circle the tower, 8 times or something, something is supposed to happen. Veterans haven is right next to bayside prison ward and Ancora mental institution.It was once a town the psychiatric hospital made for patients to all live together, many of the patients murdered each other, and the most of them are old veterans from the war.According to reports, Katie is so adamant that Suri won't have anything to do with Scientology that she insisted on an 'ironclad' clause in her divorce settlement from Tom to prevent her daughter from even attending parties, if they have any link to the controversial religion. Katie ensured that every aspect of her decision to leave was kept a secret by using disposable mobile phones, and moving into a new apartment in New York - so that Tom would never have an opportunity to stop the process.A source told People: 'She knew she had to have everything locked down before she pulled the trigger, because there could be no wiggle room if she didn't want this to turn into a long, drawn-out battle. At the end of the field there is a huge hideous looking tree with a branch that extends perfectly parallel to the ground.