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Kildare, was so created in the peerage of Ireland, 1706, extinct 1736). of Sir William Davis, Lord Chief Justice, King’s Bench, Ireland, d.

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Roger Ebert gave the film 1½ stars out of 4, claiming that it "could conceivably have been made interesting, if any serious attempt had been made to explore what might really happen if two 7-year-old kids were shipwrecked on an island. It's a wildly idealized romance, in which the kids live in a hut that looks like a Club Med honeymoon cottage, while restless natives commit human sacrifice on the other side of the island." He also deemed the ending a blatant cop-out.

Time Out commented that the film "was hyped as being about 'natural love'; but apart from 'doing it in the open air', there is nothing natural about two kids (unfettered by the bonds of society from their early years) subscribing to marriage and traditional role-playing." Gary Arnold of The Washington Post similarly called the film "a picturesque rhapsody to Learning Skills, Playing House, Going Swimming, Enjoying the Scenery and Starting to Feel Sexy in tropical seclusion." He particularly ridiculed the lead characters' persistent inability to make obvious inferences.

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The screenplay by Douglas Day Stewart was based on the 1908 novel of the same name by Henry De Vere Stacpoole.

The film stars Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.The Blue Lagoon was based on Henry De Vere Stacpoole's novel by the same name, which first appeared in 1908.The first film adaptation of the book was the British silent 1923 film of that name. The 1980 version includes much more nudity and sex scenes than the 1949 version, though far less than the book. a chief indented of the last, and a canton ermines. 2 May, 1619, son of John Davis, Esq., of same place). Special features on the Blu-ray include an isolated score track, original trailer, three original teasers, a behind the scenes featurette called An Adventure in Filmmaking: The Making of The Blue Lagoon, as well as audio commentary by Randal Kleiser, Douglas Day Stewart and Brooke Shields and a second commentary by Randal Kleiser and Christopher Atkins.