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where she met Alex Murrel (aka Alex M.) and soon the rest of the Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004) crew.

She convinced her Dad to let her switch to the public school starting her sophomore year.

Her freshman year, she attended a Catholic school with the uniforms to boot.But that year, she took Driver's Ed at Laguna High..Kristin Cavallari admitted that The Hills was 'pretty much' staged by producers and that her relationship with Justin Bobby was mere 'acting' Legs on parade: Kristin spotting leaving NBC studios in New York on Tuesday and, right, out and about in the city While it's not a stretch to imagine some things might have been exaggerated on the so-called reality show, Kristin flatly stated that everything on The Hills was 'pretty fake' and that she was 'pretty much' coached on what to say and do. Kristin said her make-out sessions with Justin 'took a lot of convincing' because she just wasn't feeling it No regrets: I would say Justin but I never really dated him. Kristin kept everyone laughing on the program, including Taylor who couldn't seem to contain herself Housewives can't act: Taylor chimed in, 'Can we start acting on our show?Kristin and Taylor, seen here in a Who Say picture, got along great on the Bravo talk show 'I think I made out with him once, and that took a lot of convincing,' Kristin described. Do you think I would look like such an ass if I were scripted? Kristin admitted that her dislike for co-star Lauren Conrad was very real; Cohen showed Kristin an earlier segment that featured her nemesis Instigators: Kristin revealed that the producers stirred things up between her and Lauren on The Hills and 'made it a lot worse than it was' Coincidentally, when Lauren guest-starred on Watch What Happens Live she played the Plead the Fifth game too during which she was asked to say three nice things about Kristin.Hills other Brody Jenner and his lady, Kaitlynn Carter, liberated on Friday, May 6, that daging sorry after two times of ceremonial.

Welcome, Us Weekly takes a sufficient back at the extent-old star's journey from time boy to available concert.The former 'Hills' star grabbed a bunch of her girlfriends and jetted… READ MORE Kristin Cavallari doesn't seem happy with Jay Cutler's decision to return to the NFL -- and after her husband was knocked out of Sunday's game with a concussion, she cryptically sounded off. READ MORE There's more to that Jay Cutler butt pic than meets the (brown) eye ... Turns out, the famous Jay Butt-ler pic was taken during an outing to a nude beach during a…READ MORE Spencer Pratt says he wants his "Jersey Shore" moment with his co-stars from "The Hills" -- there's just one problem ... READ MORE Kristin Cavallari says she's well aware of the "Jay Cutler-to-the-Jets" rumors ...Pour en savoir plus, notamment sur les moyens de contrôle disponibles, consultez la Politique d’utilisation des cookies.cameras rolled in 2006 and back together as the show bowed into the sunset in 2010. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy watching those reruns any less though!