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We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.for ruining my week-long hard-on parade held in honor of Bradley Cooper.

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It’s a real difference when you have to verses when you want to. “Brian and Lee made it a homework every evening that after we would wrap we would always go and have dinner,” says Saldana. It was always the massaging, the story, thinking about your characters and how do we get this further. ’” “By the time you get to set, its such a living organism that all you have to do is just be in it and allow it to just be,” adds Saldana. I’m not a professional, I didn’t go to school to learn all these techniques.“ It was a huge challenge to make a movie that deals with three different time periods and multiple locations on a very tight budget, all in one city – Montreal. ’ You’re thinking about, ‘Well maybe Dora (her character) and Rory (Cooper’s character) have to end up together,”’ or ‘No, this will break them up.” Because they have a true love and the lie (at the center of the movie) came between them. “All of us together: producers, the directors, the actors. I just know it from myself that I’m a very open person.“We didn’t become to be a part of this project for the money, we all know that (the entire movie was shot for million).When you do a film like this it’s real heart, so we all wanted to be there. “ Even when the workday ended, like any family they remained together; and the conversation about how to make the movie even better continued.THR Cover Story: Bradley Cooper, The Serious Evolution Of A Leading Man If she was going to act, Saldana wanted to do more big action roles.

She certainly didn’t want to play someone’s wife in a low budget independent film. “I wanted to play strong roles.” Then she read the script for , a movie that had taken 13 years to reach the screen, and she fell in love with the words she read.

“We were first time filmmakers, so it was like, ‘Why not? “People would say, ‘You can’t do that.’ But then it was sort of like a game for us to see how far we could push it. ” Once she was on the set, it all came together for Saldana: “You go to work, you’re alive and you’re very present and you leave work and you’re still thinking about the story and thinking about the characters. It’s like one of them bit the apple.” The more she got involved, the more she wanted to be involved. I try to remain that way every time, every morning when I wake up.

She thought about her role, about the movie, about the characters day and night. I get a stone thrown at me, I want to catch it properly and throw it back.

Just when I was really, really starting to get into him, that bitch Olivia Wilde swoops in and snatches him up like she’s got some kind of entitlement to every hot guy on the block (sources say she does).

Other sources at Life & Style (who snapped the above photos) claim that she and Bradley even LEFT TOGETHER the other night after partying at the Boom Boom Room in New York City: “Olivia was Bradley’s date,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style.

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