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The European Commission's Director General for Environment, Daniel Calleja, will personally kick of this inspiring session where you can learn from the best of the best on a range of environmental topics, and make new city-friends to realise your cities dreams! The European Commission will also have information available about their latest peer-to-peer financing scheme that can help to finance any follow-up dates!

From overcoming the financial crisis through sustainability, to going plastic free, or involving all stakeholders in your city in the process: European Green Capital and European Green Leaf cities will share with you how they managed the transition to sustainability and how you can do the same. ESSEN: From grey to green: the amazing transformation from an industrial power house to Europe's green capital NIJMEGEN: Stakeholder participation – how to get all parties involved LISBON: Environmental sustainability vs.

The same scent of desperation and loneliness that characterizes actual speed dating events on TV permeated the air. First, I’m reaching “the decade friends disappear,” an age when sociologists and psychologists say you’re most likely to lose your closest friends.

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One woman, in true DC fashion, treated our exchange like a networking opportunity.When I told her where I work, she responded with the classic, “We should talk.” Another — showcasing how small the city actually is — turned out to be someone I knew; she had once answered a Craigslist ad I posted looking for a roommate.“The problem is the busier we get, the less we have proximity to people naturally.” She also referred to “the epidemic of busyness” that seems to hit cities like DC especially hard.“It’s almost viewed as unattractive to have all kinds of time available to hang out with your friends.” DC is a city known for its impermanence, and our social infrastructure seems to be built for loneliness, or at least intimacy with an expiration date.Which is why I was open to attending the speed friendship dating event, cleverly named “Friend Request,” at a hip synagogue in downtown DC.

It had sold out all 30 seats; clearly I wasn’t the only one on the hunt for new friends.The rules of the friend speed dating event were simple.For the first round, our host would provide a prompt (“What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?“I always knew you were in there,” she finally told me, years later.But she understood my need for privacy, and she kept coming back.The only thing I wanted to rush was my commute home.