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I immediately became smitten with Katie, she was a baby faced blonde with a curvy figure and she was neck deep in the hucow life. Once lactation had been induced on Katie the milking began.At first she used a simple breast pump to wring her mammary glands dry, but once Katie was used to the sensation of the pump she graduated to a milking machine that would be at home on a dairy farm.

Another facet of this fetish is the concept of breeding the hucows by the hucow milker.This is when the hucows partner (the Bull) mounts her and begins to savagely thrust his erect cock into her gushing pussy, swimming in her warm juices.Connect to Facebook or Twitter and share your posts, take your best pictures from Instagram, your best location check-ins from Foursquare, link playlists and videos from various social networks. i Love gives you the power to flirt everywhere: In the grocery store, on the bus stop or even when visiting your grandma. Combine it and create a unique dating profile with a few clicks. Then, at that point the Bull submerged his engorged cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Once the Bull has plunged his cock into Katie they begin to treat each other like true animals. All humans, on some level, have a savage beast dwelling in our hearts.

Katie related the sensation she felt while being milked to her readership.

At first it was uncomfortable but the feeling grew on our dear Katie and before long she loved being a hucow.

The Bull plunges into the hucow until she pulls the cum from within him and he releases his load into the her succulent meat sheath.

All the while this lovely faux bovine is attached to an industrial device that is collecting her milk from the opened faucets of her tits.

Last week, I built my outfits around my Easy Spirit slip-on flats.