Biggest dating pet peeved

I deleted that profile and his picture because I wouldn't appreciate if a relative did that. I just wanted everybody to see how insanely adorable my cousin was, lol.On the other hand, I have never but my own child on my profile and I never will. And especially after I had some man ask me weird questions about my child's ethnicity and how he "loved a mixed flavor child" and the brown skin was so beautiful to him, I'd never. It is strange that men put their kid's pictures all over their profile and honestly, it makes me skeptical.He's pretending, attempting to pander to some stupid woman.

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Almost the most inevitable of pet peeves are flight delays. While flight delays are usually no one in particular’s fault, they are extremely annoying.Unless you have any ideas as to how to control the weather, plan accordingly for an unexpected flight delay.Regardless of the situation, loud children are obnoxious.Consider electronics for your kids next time you travel.Lol, a while ago I had a picture of my and my little cousin on my profile picture.

He was about 8 months at the time so definitely small enough to be mine.They're the ones that start of with..."My kids are my world"..doesn't add to their profiles anymore than the pics of their car, motorcycle, house, ect. My pet peeve are the dudes who have "looking for the love of my life" or "searching for my soul mate" in their profiles....while their still separated...makes me puke a little in my mouth.Generally those men have kids older than 18 and it causes me to think that they just stayed with their spouse long enough to avoid paying child support..older they are..more nauseous it makes me.Loud children are not always at the fault of their parents.What may seem like a lack in proper parenting may actually be as mortifying, if not more for the parents involved.Although I think it is stupid thing to do, right up there with pictures of their animals, I dont really give 2 shits for what their pets look like either.