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Description: Vintage Caron Baccarat Style Perfume Bottle Muguet de Bonheur, 1 OZ - 5 1/2" Height.

Baccarat bottles where not marked except for acid etched numbers prior to 1936 and some were not marked at all. ugid=10000000003949353 The Cristalleries de Baccarat was established in 1764 in Lorraine France, under the patronage of Louis XV, in an effort to stem the influx of Bohemian imports and reduce unemployment in the eastern region.

At the turn of the century, Baccarat was making bottles for other leading companies such as Lubin, D'Orsay, Bichara and Coty.

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Bottle is a factice with the words "Dummy" inscribed on side. Fine print for International buyers: Shipping outside the United States is extra and not free.

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The items belong to another person that has asked me to list them for sale.

Background Caron: In the early years of the turn of the century, Ernest Daltroff, was beginning to get fascinated by scent and fragrance creation.

This store is a collection of vintage perfume bottles from the estate of Marie-Louise Fredyma, my mother who passed away in 2010 after nearly 70 years in the antique business.

Marie's perfumes were a special place in her collection of antiques and vintage items and are now offered for sale as part of her estate. The items belong to another person that has asked me to list them for sale.He liked the name and decided it would be easy for his customers to pronounce in any language and remember as well as looking good on packaging.The perfume Royal Emilia was renamed Royal Caron in 1904..So in 1903, Daltroff purchased a perfumery in Asnieres called Parfumerie Emilia, a northwestern suburb of Paris, Daltroff's first perfume was named Royal Emilia, after the shop.His business was such a success that he purchased another small perfumery and haberdashery store from Anna-Marie Caron, called the Magasin Caron at 10 rue de la Paix, in the fashionable heart of Paris and renamed it Parfumerie Caron.This bottle was so popular that it was being copied by other companies for their own versions of Narcisse perfumes.