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Special thanks to club members Anne Cheney, Alex Grantcharov and Cynthia Gorey for their work leading this effort!

• Mailing and Hand Carry Addresses for Mail to the United States Patent and Trademark Office • Reference Collections of U. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent and Trademark Resource Centers • Patent Technology Centers COPIES OF PATENTS are furnished by the Patent and Trademark Office at .00 each; PLANT PATENTS in color, .00 each; copies of TRADEMARKS at .00 each. No maintenance fees are required for design or plant patents. Louis, MO 63197-9000, but must be mailed to "Mail Stop M Correspondence, Director of the U. At the top of the USPTO homepage at click on the "Site Index" link and then scroll down and click on the "Fees, USPTO" link to find the current USPTO fee schedule. 41 and 37 CFR 1.362(g) provide that if the required maintenance fee and any applicable surcharge are not paid in a patent requiring such payment, the patent will expire at the end of the 4th, 8th or 12th anniversary of the grant of the patent depending on the first maintenance fee which was not paid. 250/583, IMAGE AND INFORMATION PROCESSOR, Masashi Aonuma, Owner of Record: FUJIFILM Corporation, Attorney or Agent: Susan Perng Pan, Ex. 30, 2011 Anthony Mowatt Methods And Systems Eric Mueller For Physically-Based Runtime Effects 13/253,894 Oct.

Anything added within brackets like these [ ] indicates a as to the identity of the person.

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The clip was the output of a recurrent neural network model developed by researchers at the University of Washington, who last year created a ‘photorealistic talking head model’ of Obama that can ‘speak’ any audio input given. He did give that speech but he gave it from a different place entirely, the east room of the White House, a totally different place,” Edelman, now director of a technology policy project at MIT, said.These records have been contributed by Fairfield County, CT researcher, Barbara Kaye.Our 2017/2018 International Youth Exchange Student, Constantin Sper from Germany, enjoyed a fantastic year here in New Canaan.As he recounted to our club in his farewell presentation on June 22, 2018, highlights included his arrival in the United States, playing football for the New Canaan Rams, several visits to New York City, various cultural events, meeting other Rotary International Exchange Students through organized Rotary gatherings, picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time and playing for the NCHS Rams, and above all, spending quality time with his host families.The data has been collected from several sources, including the Hale Cemetery Collection (see history, below). Hale began copying and indexing the essential information from every headstone in the State.

In addition, thanks to volunteer photographer, Carl Meyers, digital photographs of the stones in this cemetery are available upon request. Two copies of these listings were deposited in the State Library.

(See spellings for a list of common surnames and their alternate spellings.) Some people appear in more than one listing because some graves were moved to newer cemeteries, new stones were carved, and the old stones were left behind.

Although much of the data on the various families in early Stamford is accurate, there will always be errors, many of which are found in published genealogies.

If you live near a cemetery in Fairfield County, CT and wish to contribute data or add additional information to an existing cemetery collection, please email Barbara Kaye. If you are interested in volunteering to transcribe other cemetery records, we'll help get you started! Hale Collection of Headstone Inscriptions resides at the Connecticut State Library. Some errors were made either at the time of the survey of the cemeteries or during the transcription in 1935.

Charles Hale was a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. One common error in reading old headstones is mistaking a four for a one.

However, some of the stones that were legible in 1934 are either missing or no longer legible.