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In Sudan, the president set an example for the population by marrying a second wife to encourage men to do the same and provide for more women and families. Not that I want to indulge in what Islam has to say about this, but yes, it is a condition that a man divides his time/wealth/presents/vacations equally between his wives or face harsh judgement in front of a court and ultimately in front of God.

It is a real problem in human socities around the world and has to be addressed in a fair and logical way. When you advice women against married men, this is not hijacking, but when someone ask you if those advices apply to men who have relationship with married women? Prophet Mohammed taught that a man who has not treated his wives equally will come on judgement day dragging half his body on the ground and the other half upright.

The longer you hesitate, the deeper you'll sink, the more mud is likely to cling to you, and the harder it will be to finally escape and move on.

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If you're unfortunate enough to fall in love with a married man, turn and run the other way, just as fast as your legs can carry you.To continue down the path ahead is to walk willingly into a dark, murky swamp composed of little more than depression, heartbreak and futility.It is that serious, so a man who thinks he can't be fair should think twice before taking such a step. because I found that in the Philippines, it is usually the other way around, the man is having a relationship with the married woman, shall he also consider your thread?i agree with you ...might be wife is blamed why husband dating other lady.... but i shut my mouth...never talk because i dont want ot break the marriage.... being a wife isnt that easy,,,isnt that bearable...physically, emotionally...Nevertheless, a guy fell in love with her and married her knowing that she couldn't have children.

After years of marriage, she began to feel that he was missing the joy of having kids although he never openly said so.Why waste your valuable time, attention and talent on the stale, second-hand junk variety, who was hooked by someone else years ago?You deserve a much better future than he can offer you.Use your will power and your common sense and run, don't walk in the opposite direction as quickly as you can.As the old adage states, "There's plenty of fish in the sea"...from my understanding, for a man to marry a second wife, he must be able to treat her equal with the first wife.