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Though it's painfully mild and frequently redundant, I've found a few gems in the early morning hours that have been worthwhile. i guess you can say i am very vanilla but lately like the past few months i have had crazy fantasies.

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Danke fürs Verständnis.--------------------------------------------------------------This is a German speaking group for adults. I confess that while I like that what I want is different, it's often like beating my head against a brick wall.

Just for the sake of shit being easier, I occasionally wish I were a boring vanilla girl. I've ventured into some of the chatrooms and hung out there, but have only lurked this board so far.

Performer shall not portray depictions of sex involving any person under the age of eighteen (1 years of age, rape, incest, bestiality, fisting, necrophilia, any form of minor activity, urination and/or defecation." Just say that it's against the rules.

The last thing we need is yet another thread rehashing the fantasy debate that will inevitably go nowhere.

i have confessed most times i have done this and i make it clear i am not meeting or anything like that. i know if i was trying to talk to younger people i could but I have ZERO interest to talk to anyone young.

I get a lot of requests to do RP younger, like way under age.Like I literally want to puke on their perverted selves.It disgusts me to the point where I do not even want to cam anymore because I start to think that if they have these urges in porn they could eventually act on them.It is not for children I am a very law abiding pervert : P .Ever since I was a schoolboy and was attacked and abused by a group of girls during a break time at school the experience has been the subject of my fantasies I was held down by the girls and my pants were removed.But I think there needs to be some sort of report potential pedophile button or something, because some of these guys are really worrying me.