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At the high-end, these cost up to around for dinner and much less for a lunchtime spread.

Themes are popular in Las Vegas and the buffets are no exception.

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The bright lights of the Strip are certainly impressive, but go beyond them and you will discover a softer, more human side.

The most striking aspect of Vegas are the eye-opening opportunities.

Techies will enjoy the International Consumer Electronics Show and the World Series of Poker now enjoys global TV coverage.

Buffets are king of the dining scene, tying in to the city’s ‘more is more’ mentality.

That’s why a campervan is so perfect if you wish to extend your stay.

Hotels are not hard to find - in fact, you can barely see for the number of them crowding the downtown area.

These range from quite cramped, to lovely with pools and spacious gardens, so do a bit of research.