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— except that a quick perusal of the old basketball books and guides of the era shows pretty quickly that all 22 of the photos in the Topps set were publicity shots released by the teams.

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The internal organ, having acquired steadiness it that, will be able to attain to it elsewhere also”.

Shankara in his comment added that “it must not be to secure pleasures and so on”.

These postulations doesn’t require nearly as much explanation as why that’s actually the 1967-68 Topps Hockey Test set, not the 1966-67.

They both pivot not on a seldom-noticed pattern of player transactions, but the simple fact that cards in each set reference a team that didn’t exist in the supposed year of issuance. The cards are the size of the ’64 Giant Baseball set, but about six times as thick.

Card #12 features the rookie of the year for that season, Earl Monroe of Baltimore.

That fact is often used to support the 1968-69 dating. The card shows Monroe in the uniform not of the Bullets, but in the generic garb of his college team, Winston-Salem State.

In terms of Tantra, concentration of one’s mind on something appealing and wanted is a practice.

And finally, resuming all the lines above, the author of Vijnyana Bhairava Tantra writes the lines that simply echo the sutra of Patanjali under our consideration: How can we explain these techniques?

The problem lies in the fact that even at the time of Vyasa yoga was already subjected to some “pressure” on the part of puritanical views developed in the framework of religious traditions – for instance, Buddhism.

And further on such influence was becoming even stronger because of Islam and Christianity, so that commentators tried to neutralize the pointedness of the line dealing with desires.

The other evidence used to backstop the 1968-69 date is the inclusion of Bill Bradley in a Knicks’ uniform.