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In yesterday’s post, I suggested that the difference in homicide rates between America and other First World countries were about two-thirds cultural, one-third gun-related.

That’s sort of true, but people have reminded me to think of it as an interaction.

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I also added one more variable in an attempt to explain some of this: MFRatio, which is the number of men per 100 women in the state.

That certainly mattered a lot, but doesn’t take away from the confusingness of the other variables.

I mean, I understand why (for example) the NRA would promote that story in order to get people angry, but it’s very strange how often liberals nod along and say “Yup, that’s what we want to do! I wish more of the debate could be about waiting periods, required training classes, and background checks – none of which would prevent people from using guns to defend against a potentially tyrannical government.

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